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Blown Away in UK When we think of hurricanes or cyclones we automatically think of the tropics. But Powerful winds could threaten both UK and Europe with the potentially destructive force of a tropical category four hurricane. And all because of global warming. … Continue reading

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A lot of the best motivational and encouragement advice I have gathered has been from sports coaches. The reason for this is because it is not just ‘pie in the sky’ style of wishful thinking but based on hard research … Continue reading

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GWA Strong wind warning!

The Global Warming Alliance has issued a warning. Cat 1 Extra tropic Cyclone Alpha 01 heads towards U.K. with potentially gale force winds gusting up to 80 knots or 92 MPH expected along the Irish Sea coast line and across … Continue reading

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Yes We Can! Yes we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions says the Obama administration in the States. Nobel Prize-winning physicist Steven Chu, if his position is confirmed next week, says he is going to pursue all policies to address just that. … Continue reading

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Women and Motivation I believe that motivating women requires a completely different approach. Which is probably why many women complain that the standard methods of motivation just don’t work for them. Firstly, traditional motivational courses start with setting goals and focusing on … Continue reading

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Two Giants Compare

What do the two highest carbon emitters – US and China – have in common apart from both being dependent on imported oil for their transport and using domestic coal to generate power and both being reluctant to reduce emissions? … Continue reading

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