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Antarctica Appeal

We produce around 32 billion tons of CO2 each year .Out of that about 15 actually stays in the atmosphere contributing to climate change. The oceans, forests, vegetation and soil store the rest of that CO2. So obviously if this … Continue reading

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Encouragement of Spring

I remember as a child that around this time we would often receive ‘spring’ cards – approaching Easter. They seemed to add so much with such a simple image. Just a daffodil head, bright yellow and full of promise! What … Continue reading

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To Russia With Love From Denmark

Russia has begun to work on modernising its inefficient power plants and that’s thanks to The Danes. The good news about this is that Russia is one of the world’s highest emitters of green house gases. Much of this however … Continue reading

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High Rivers Run Low Not only are the rivers at the lowest point on earth that’s the Dead Sea – under threat because of global warming but also those that run from higher up … particularly the Tibetan Plateau. That’s the largest, highest … Continue reading

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When ‘Go For It’ doesn’t get you anywhere

You’ve probably heard it hundreds. Someone, usually the extravert, confident, well-meaning though not really that into you person says, ‘Well what are you waiting for? Just go for it!’ Sure. ‘Go for it’ works well—when you’ve made it through to … Continue reading

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More Fusion Research Jobs

Firstly the fact that America is committed to leading the way on green issues is commendable and exciting because how America behaves has always influenced others. Some form of fusion has the true potential to solve the world’s energy crisis. … Continue reading

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