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Hot Women Are Running Full Steam Ahead of Green Energy

The humanitarian toll of a world running short of fossil fuels, adequate drinking water, and rainforest is too high to be ignored. That’s why we need hot women. Continue reading

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Why we need Kindness Day UK on November 13th

With the pace of life now increasing to fever pitch with instant and constant communication, very often opportunities for softness in society are lost. It’s impractical sometimes to be as kind as we were. Continue reading

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10 Downing Street To Act Against Bullying

No 10 Downing Street plays out bully victim scenario to perfection. Continue reading

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Bjorn Lomborg at the RSA

If you want to influence people around to your way of thinking then firstly you have to make some sort of empathetic connection with them. Bjorn Lomberg knows that. He also knows if he talks common sense he will get … Continue reading

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