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Hillary Clinton Employs Some Common Sense Feminism

Originally posted on The Common Sense Feminist:
Its ironic that the icons of women’s liberation are often those who personify the very opposite of what was originally intended, in that they represent chained-to-the-home domesticity: our own mothers. As I wrote on…

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Why They’ve Always Kept Mum About Heathrow Expansion!

‘To pilots it’s a no-brainer,’ said my husband to me God knows how many years ago , but this picture will give a clue as to how long. The kids are now in their twenties and the one posing precociously … Continue reading

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Conservative Feminism Explained

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Why Feminists Should Talk Romance

Why Feminists Should Talk Romance.

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Louise Burfitt-Dons Launches Her Campaign for Nottingham North

On the 20th September this year  I was selected by the members of the Nottingham Conservative Federation to contest the General Election for the seat of Nottingham North. I am holding a fundraising reception to launch my campaign between 7pm … Continue reading

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Mais Non! Ed Milliband wants to import French property laws into the UK

Approaching an election, it is not unusual for left-leaning parties to take a swipe at landlords. The reason is property and ownership of houses, land or flats is always synonymous with wealth. Basic human needs include a roof over one’s … Continue reading

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If the Queen can bestow honorary titles on pop stars and sportspeople, why not on a few more engineers?

Text first published February 10, 2014 on Conservative Home It’s excellent news that Sir James Dyson is doubling the size of his base in Malmesbury and along with it the number of engineers he employs. But he reckons we need … Continue reading

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